• Interning at Bloomberg (Summer 2022)

    This past summer, I had the privilege and pleasure to be a software engineer intern at Bloomberg. Specifically, I was on the Bloomberg Law (BLAW) Platform Enablement team, working on integrating an authorization service, API gateway, and BLAW’s Draft Analyzer API using Ruby on Rails. Due to NDA reasons, I can’t really elaborate more on my project, but what I can talk about is my experience as an intern and how my summer in New York City went!

  • CS 61A Exam Advice

    Are you a CS student at UC Berkeley taking CS 61A (or a DS student taking CS 88)? Want exam advice? Read this post to find out my tips and tricks.

  • Reflections on my second semester at UC Berkeley

    As I begin my 2nd year at UC Berkeley, it’s time to reflect on the new things I learned after my 2nd semester (Spring 2022). For my previous reflections post, click here.

  • Stranger Things 4 Review

    Stranger Things 4 has taken the world by storm - it is the second Netflix show to reach more than 1 billion hours streamed and has propelled a song from 30 years ago to the top of the charts. Fans (myself included) have waited 3 long years for a new season, which was released in 2 volumes. But was it worth the wait? Let’s discuss!

  • How I Got My First Internship at Bloomberg

    Here’s how I got my first software engineering internship (and my first job) at Bloomberg.

  • Growing Up Too Fast

    Going to college for the first time this past year has made me realize a couple things. One of those things is the fact that I will probably never spend the same amount of time with my childhood friends and family ever again. This revelation hits me like a brick every time I visit them now, during the last few winter and spring breaks I have left in my life.

  • Reflections on my first semester at UC Berkeley

    My first semester of college is over, so I thought I’d dump all of my survival tips and observations here if anyone finds it helpful. It also doesn’t hurt to think about everything I’ve learned. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rediscover this blog post in 10 years and it’ll give me a good chuckle.

  • hello world

    Welcome to my updated personal website (which is now also a blog)! I hope you have a fun time here. If you want to learn more about who I am and what I do, check out the About page.